Vuly Thunder Pro Review

Are you looking for a trampoline that’s safe, sturdy, and fun? The Vuly Thunder Pro could be the answer. Built with strong, galvanised powder-coated steel that’s treated to resist rust, this trampoline is made to last and withstand lots of use. 

It also has excellent safety features and a unique spring system that sets it apart. But, it also comes with a high price tag and some issues related to its weight. 

Let’s take a closer look at the Thunder Pro to see if it’s worth the investment for your family’s backyard fun.

Before diving in, we recommend you check out this guide on Vuly’s blog, which outlines the key differences between each model: Choosing a Vuly Trampoline – Which Model Suits You?

Why Trust Us

In this review, we combine feedback from real customers with insights from our trampoline assembly expert. He’s assembled many thousands of trampolines all over Melbourne and has extensive experience working with a range of popular trampolines, including the Vuly Thunder Pro. His work assembling, dismantling, and even helping with repairs, provides a unique insight into the various pros and cons of each model.

Vuly Thunder Pro Assembly

Build Quality & Materials

The Vuly Thunder Pro is built with a galvanised, powder-coated steel frame, ensuring durability and resistance against corrosion. This trampoline’s construction is designed to withstand significant use without deteriorating.

“It’s solid and strong in construction” comments our expert, with an assembled weight of almost double the standard Vuly Thunder as well as similar-sized Springfree Trampoline models. He also notes that “this trampoline does not blow away in any wind”.

Our expert also comments that “the frame is strong and will last longer than cheaper models. The mat is durable and will last a decent amount depending on use”. He does, however, also point out that the mat connectors can fail over time as can the velcro on the skirt as weather conditions cause the skirt to shrink.

Another downside he’s identified is that being a very heavy trampoline, the feet will sink into the ground, making it difficult to keep a nice lawn. This trampoline is therefore better suited to harder surfaces.


One of the best features of the Thunder is its shade cover, which keeps leaves and other debris out while also protecting your children from the sun. Unfortunately, the shade cover isn’t included in the basic package and must be purchased separately.

Safety Features & Standards

The Vuly Thunder Pro is equipped with curved safety net poles and superfine mesh netting, designed to enhance safety. “The mat sealing neatly with the net ensures the safety of your child” comments our expert.

He also appreciates that “the Vuly Thunder Pro has high nets to keep everyone safe”. In fact, at 190 cm, this trampoline has the highest safety net of any model we’ve looked at.

The use of Vuly’s innovative leaf springs means there are no coil springs for small hands to get trapped in and also means the frame is located away from the jumping area, and outside the safety net, further reducing the risk of injury. 

The full-length frame combined with the skirt means that there is no underside access on the Thunder Pro, however, keep in mind that this also makes it almost impossible to mow under.

The Thunder Pro complies with the Australian trampoline standard AS 4989:2015, ensuring it meets rigorous safety benchmarks.

Bounce and Performance

The Thunder Pro features a unique leaf spring system instead of traditional springs. While springless trampolines are often considered inferior in terms of bounce, this system is designed to adjust to different weights, providing a consistent and enjoyable experience. “Like most trampolines, it depends on the size of the person jumping on it”, comments our expert.

Ease of Assembly

The assembly process for the Thunder Pro can be complex, due to its unique design features. “According to customers, the assembly is quite difficult compounded by vague instructions”, comments our expert. 

“The spring tool that comes with the trampoline can actually make assembly harder as it seems to position the end of the leaf spring away from the mat that you’re trying to unite with”, he explains. 

Potential buyers should be prepared for a challenging setup and may benefit from viewing the online tutorials provided by Vuly. Further, many customers will benefit from engaging a professional trampoline assembly service. Vuly also offers their own installation service.

Value for Money

With a retail price ranging from around $2.4k – $3.6k, the Vuly Thunder Pro is one of the most expensive models on the market. While our expert considers it overpriced, we recommend checking current pricing as Vuly frequently run heavy discounts.

Regardless, while it offers advanced safety features and robust construction, the price point may be a deterrent for some buyers when compared to other models on the market.

Additional Features & Accessories

The Thunder Pro supports various accessories such as a shade cover, basketball hoop, and tent wall, which can enhance the usability and enjoyment of the trampoline. 

This trampoline also features a full-length self-closing entry with no zippers, enhancing its safety and usability. We’re big fans of self-closing entries as they remove the need for a zip, which is often a point of failure on older trampolines.

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Customer Service

Customer service experiences with Vuly vary, with some customers reporting positive interactions and others facing challenges, especially when dealing with assembly or maintenance issues. 

“Vuly gets mixed feedback about its customer service,” our expert mentions. This factor is important to consider for potential buyers who may need support during setup or after purchase.


The Vuly Thunder Pro offers a comprehensive warranty package—10 years on the frame and 5 years on the springs and mat. Safety nets and pads have a 1-year warranty and it’s important to note that the safety net is recommended by Vuly to be replaced yearly.

Note that Vuly does offer an extended warranty on the Thunder which extends the warranty period on the Safety Net, Poles, and Leaf Springs out to 3 years.


Our Overall Score7
Build Quality & Materials8
Safety Features & Standards9
Bounce and Performance8
Ease of Assembly5
Value for Money5
Additional Features & Accessories7
Customer Service6

The Vuly Thunder Pro trampoline presents a robust option with a focus on safety and durability, tailored for families seeking a premium backyard addition. This model’s galvanised, powder-coated steel frame and unique leaf spring system set it apart from traditional trampolines, offering a safer and more durable jumping experience. 

Despite its heavy weight making it less lawn-friendly, its superior safety features, including the highest safety net in its class, full-length frame, and a full-length self-closing entry, make it a strong contender in the premium trampoline market.

However, the Vuly Thunder Pro’s assembly complexity and high cost are significant considerations. The trampoline is on the upper end of the market price-wise, which might deter some potential buyers, although frequent discounts offered by Vuly could make it more accessible. 

The comprehensive warranty is reassuring, although the need for annual replacement of the safety net may add to the total cost of ownership.

Overall, while the Vuly Thunder Pro is a significant investment, its construction quality, safety credentials, and range of accessories may justify its price for those prioritising safety and longevity in a trampoline.

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