Springfree Trampoline Review

“My advice is to get a Springfree, even if it’s second-hand”. That’s what our trampoline expert said when we asked whether he would recommend Springfree to his friends and family. However, he also highlighted a few issues potential buyers should be aware of before pulling the trigger.

By evaluating safety features and standards, build quality, and any potential issues, this Springfree trampoline review aims to address your key concerns and highlight the aspects that matter most to families seeking safe, durable, and enjoyable backyard entertainment.

Whether you’re worried about the longevity of your investment or the safety features that will keep your loved ones protected, our goal is to provide a clear, expert-backed perspective on why Springfree trampolines could be the best addition to your outdoor space. 

Let’s bounce into the details to discover if Springfree truly lives up to its reputation as a leading choice for families across Australia.

Why Trust Us

In this review, we combine feedback from real customers with insights from our trampoline assembly expert. He’s assembled many thousands of trampolines all over Melbourne and has extensive experience working with a range of popular trampolines, including many Springfree models. His work assembling, dismantling, and even helping with repairs, provides a unique insight into the various pros and cons of each model.

Springfree Trampoline Assembly

Build Quality & Materials

Springfree’s commitment to durability is evident in its use of a galvanised, powder-coated steel frame, designed to endure the elements. Our expert considers this to be the longest-lasting trampoline frame on the market and also praises the “extra durable net and mat”, commenting that there are generally no parts that need replacing from normal use.

In terms of potential issues, he does note that the zip can eventually break if care is not taken (we’d actually prefer to see a self-closing entry here, but it’s not a dealbreaker). He also adds that the cosmetic ribbon bordering the mat can wear out in the doorway area.

The popular Medium Round model weighs in at only 96.6kg, which our expert notes makes it “very easy to move to mow the lawn”.

Safety Features & Standards

This trampoline meets the Australian Trampoline Standard AS 4989:2015, showcasing its safety-first design. Eliminating traditional springs for fibreglass rods, alongside curved safety net poles and superfine mesh, it provides a very secure bouncing space.

Our expert praises its safety, noting that the springless design means there are “no springs to pinch you and a strong and flexible net to keep everyone safe,” and added that he thinks it surpasses industry safety benchmarks. He considers it to be “the safest and longest lasting trampoline in Australian backyards”.

Bounce and Performance

While springless trampoline designs are often considered inferior in terms of bounce, Springfree user feedback suggests a high-quality, enjoyable experience. Its capacity to support up to 700 kg highlights its versatility for users of all ages and sizes.

Ease of Assembly

Assembly is one area where customers often get frustrated with Springfree models. Our expert recommends using a professional if possible, however, added that most people can figure it out themselves by following the instructions, especially with the help of assembly videos online. He also noted that “stickers aid in aligning the net, mat, and frame correctly, simplifying the process”.

Value for Money

Despite a high initial cost, we think Springfree’s safety, durability, and overall quality make it a justified investment for lasting backyard fun. They also probably have the highest resale value of any trampoline on the market. The high ticket price is also balanced by the impressive ten-year warranty on the frame, springs (fibreglass rods), mat, and safety net. 

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Additional Features & Accessories

Optional accessories like a shade cover and basketball hoop enhance the trampoline’s appeal and functionality. Note that neither a ladder nor anchor kit is included in the basic package and must be purchased separately.

Customer Service

Experiences with Springfree’s customer service vary. While some users report less than satisfactory interactions, the product’s quality seems to generally outweigh service concerns.


Springfree has the most comprehensive warranty of any trampoline brand we’ve looked at. It offers ten-year coverage across all major components – including the frame, springs (fibreglass rods), mat, and safety net – emphasising the brand’s confidence in its product’s longevity and quality.


Our Overall Score8
Build Quality & Materials9
Safety Features & Standards10
Bounce and Performance8
Ease of Assembly6
Value for Money8
Additional Features & Accessories7
Customer Service7

Springfree trampolines are an excellent choice for families prioritising safety, durability, and quality in their search for backyard fun. Its innovative design, which meets Australian standards, coupled with its long-lasting materials, offers peace of mind to families.

Although there are some minor concerns, such as the difficult assembly process, potential for zip wear, and additional costs for accessories, these do not detract significantly from the product’s overall value.

With a strong resale value and a comprehensive ten-year warranty, a Springfree trampoline represents a worthwhile investment for lasting outdoor fun. It stands out as one of our top recommendations for families across Australia, living up to its reputation as the safest and most durable trampoline on the market.

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