Vuly Thunder vs Thunder Pro: What’s the Difference?

Both the Vuly Thunder and Thunder Pro are innovative springless trampolines designed with safety and fun in mind. While both models provide hours of enjoyment for kids, there are some key differences that might make one a better fit for your family.

To help you make an informed decision, let’s explore the main differences and similarities between these popular trampolines.

Before diving in, we recommend you read this guide on Vuly’s blog, which outlines the key differences between each model: Choosing a Vuly Trampoline – Which Model Suits You?

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In this comparison, we combine feedback from real customers with insights from our trampoline assembly expert. He’s assembled many thousands of trampolines all over Melbourne and has extensive experience working with a range of popular trampolines, including the Vuly Thunder models. His work assembling, dismantling, and even helping with repairs, provides a unique insight into the various pros and cons of each model.

Vuly Thunder Pro Assembly

Key Differences

Vuly Thunder

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Vuly Thunder Pro

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The Vuly Thunder Pro is notably larger than the Vuly Thunder across all sizes. Here’s a detailed comparison:

  • Thunder (M) vs. Thunder Pro (M): The Thunder (M) has a trampoline width of 300 cm, while the Thunder Pro (M) has a width of 367 cm, making the Pro model significantly larger.
  • Thunder (L) vs. Thunder Pro (L): The Thunder (L) measures 367 cm in width, whereas the Thunder Pro (L) is 437 cm wide, again showing a substantial increase in size for the Pro version.
  • Thunder (XL) vs. Thunder Pro (XL): The Thunder (XL) boasts a width of 447 cm, while the Thunder Pro (XL) stretches to 497 cm, providing even more jumping space.

In essence, each Thunder Pro size is comparable in width to the next size up in the standard Thunder range, offering more room for bouncing.

Vuly Thunder Pro

Safety Net Height

Safety is a key focus for both models, but the Thunder Pro takes it a step further with a taller safety net:

  • Thunder: The safety net height for all sizes is 180 cm.
  • Thunder Pro: The safety net height is 190 cm, which Vuly claims to be the world’s tallest safety net. This added height provides extra security, particularly for higher bounces and more energetic users.

Better Safety Net Material

  • Thunder: Features durable safety netting.
  • Thunder Pro: Features softer netting made of soft terylene, providing a more comfortable and safer experience when users come into contact with it.


One of the best features of the Thunder models is the shade cover, which keeps leaves and other debris out while also protecting your children from the sun. Unfortunately, the shade cover isn’t included in the basic package and must be purchased separately.

Full-Length Door

Both the Vuly Thunder and Thunder Pro feature a flexible entry door that snaps closed automatically, but there are some differences:

  • Thunder: The door is secure but does not run the full height of the safety net.
  • Thunder Pro: The door extends the full height of the safety net, making it easier and safer to enter and exit the trampoline. This design reduces the risk of falls when getting on or off the trampoline.

Next-Generation Leaf Springs

The leaf spring system is a critical component of the trampoline’s performance and safety:

  • Thunder: Uses standard leaf springs, which have been effective and reliable. These springs provide a good bounce and are designed to minimise the risk of pinching or entrapment.
  • Thunder Pro: Utilises next-generation leaf springs that stretch from the bouncing surface to the ground. These springs offer superior bounce and durability, enhancing the overall jumping experience and performance.
Vuly Thunder

Powder Coating

The inclusion of powder coating on the frame is difference that can impact durability:

  • Vuly Thunder: The frame is galvanised to protect against rust, but it does not have a powder-coated finish. While galvanisation provides a good level of protection, the absence of powder coating means the frame might not be as resistant to weathering and rust over time compared to the Thunder Pro.
  • Vuly Thunder Pro: The frame is both galvanised and powder-coated. The powder coating adds an extra layer of protection against rust and corrosion, enhancing the trampoline’s durability. This makes the Thunder Pro better suited for long-term outdoor use, especially in harsher weather conditions, ensuring the frame remains in top condition for a longer period.

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No Underside Access

The design of the Thunder Pro includes features to prevent access underneath the trampoline:

  • Thunder: Has a safety skirt around the springs but does not fully prevent underside access.
  • Thunder Pro: Features a full-length frame and safety skirt that effectively block access underneath the trampoline. This design ensures that children and pets cannot get under the trampoline, adding an extra layer of safety.
Vuly Thunder Pro


There is a noticeable difference in price between the two models:

  • Thunder: Priced more affordably, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a high-quality springless trampoline without the premium cost.
  • Thunder Pro: More expensive due to its advanced features and larger size. The price difference reflects the additional benefits of the Pro model, such as the taller safety net, full-length door, and enhanced leaf springs.

Key Similarities

No Contact Design

Both the Vuly Thunder and Thunder Pro trampolines feature a no-contact design, which prioritises safety by ensuring that users do not come into contact with the trampoline’s structural elements:

  • Curved, Hourglass-Shaped Netting: The netting is designed to curve inwards, creating an hourglass shape that keeps users safely within the bouncing area and away from the poles and frame.

Springless and Padless Design

The trampolines utilise a unique springless design that eliminates the need for traditional springs and pads, providing a safer and more enjoyable bouncing experience:

  • Edge-to-Edge Bouncing: This design allows for maximum jumping surface, with the leaf springs positioned outside the bouncing area to prevent any risk of contact injuries.

Durable Netting

Safety netting on both models is designed to withstand rigorous use and environmental conditions:

  • Tightly Woven Netting: The netting is strong yet soft on contact, providing a secure enclosure that is gentle if users come into contact with it.
  • UV Resistant: The netting is treated to resist damage from UV rays, ensuring longevity and durability even in harsh weather conditions.

Trampoline Games

Both the Thunder and Thunder Pro feature fun elements to enhance the bouncing experience:

  • Printed Game Images: The bouncing surfaces of both trampolines have images printed on them, designed for use in various trampoline games, adding an extra layer of fun for children.

No Contact Injuries

The innovative design of the leaf spring system combined with safety netting minimises the risk of injuries commonly associated with traditional trampolines:

  • Spring System Located Outside Bouncing Area: By placing the leaf springs outside the jumping area, the design reduces the risk of pinching or entrapment injuries that can occur with traditional coil springs.

Sturdy Frame

The frames of both trampolines are built to last, with a focus on strength and rust resistance:

  • Dual-Ring Steel Frame: Both models feature a robust dual-ring steel frame.
  • Galvanised Inside and Out: The frames are galvanised both internally and externally to protect against rust, ensuring a long lifespan even when exposed to the elements.

Max User Weight

Both trampolines are designed to support a wide range of users, making them suitable for families with children of different ages and sizes:

  • Maximum User Weight of 150 kg: This high weight limit accommodates various users, providing a safe and sturdy jumping environment.

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Choosing between the Vuly Thunder and the Thunder Pro depends on your specific needs and budget. Both trampolines offer excellent safety features, durable construction, and a fun bouncing experience.

However, the Thunder Pro stands out with its larger size, taller safety net, full-length door, advanced leaf springs, and powder-coated frame, making it a more premium option.

Vuly Thunder

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Vuly Thunder Pro

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Comparison Tables

Size & weight

TrampolineThunder (M)Thunder (L)Thunder (XL)Thunder Pro (M)Thunder Pro (L)Thunder Pro (XL)
Trampoline width300cm367cm447cm367cm437cm497cm
Safety Net height180cm180cm180cm190cm190cm190cm
Mat width250cm316cm377cm253cm323cm377cm
Frame width292cm366cm427cm298cm368cm428cm
Mat height89cm89cm89cm83cm83cm83cm
Trampoline height282cm282cm282cm300cm300cm300cm
Assembled weight106kg122.2kg141.4kg168.9kg217.7kg265.6kg
Max user weight150kg150kg150kg150kg150kg150kg
Leaf spring count425664425670


FeatureThunderThunder Pro
Safety Net MaterialDurable nettingSoft terylene netting
Full-Length DoorNoYes
Leaf SpringsStandard leaf springsNext-generation leaf springs
Powder CoatingGalvanised frameGalvanised and powder-coated frame
No Underside AccessSafety skirt, but not fully enclosedFull-length frame and safety skirt
PriceMore affordableHigher due to advanced features
No Contact DesignYes, curved nettingYes, curved netting
Springless DesignYes, edge-to-edge bouncingYes, edge-to-edge bouncing
Durable NettingTightly woven, UV-resistantTightly woven, UV-resistant
Trampoline GamesPrinted game imagesPrinted game images
No Contact InjuriesSpring system outside bouncing areaSpring system outside bouncing area
FrameDual-ring steel frame, galvanisedDual-ring steel frame, galvanised and powder-coated

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