Vuly Flare Review

Considering a Vuly Flare trampoline for your backyard? Choosing the right trampoline is a decision many parents struggle with, weighing up cost against quality and longevity. 

With its galvanised steel frame and safety-first design, the Flare offers an affordable entry point into the world of trampolines. However, there are questions about its durability and performance, especially compared to more premium models. 

In this expert-backed review, we provide a succinct overview, focusing on whether this trampoline strikes the right balance between budget and value for young families. Dive in to discover if the Vuly Flare matches your needs and whether it’s the right choice for your children’s outdoor fun.

Before diving in, we recommend you check out this guide on Vuly’s blog, which outlines the key differences between each model: Choosing a Vuly Trampoline – Which Model Suits You?

Why Trust Us

In this review, we combine feedback from real customers with insights from our trampoline assembly expert. He’s assembled many thousands of trampolines all over Melbourne and has extensive experience working with a range of popular trampolines, including the Vuly Flare. His work assembling, dismantling, and even helping with repairs, provides a unique insight into the various pros and cons of each model.

Build Quality & Materials

The Vuly Flare features a galvanised steel frame designed to stand up to the elements, although it lacks a powder-coated finish which might have added extra resilience and durability. 

Our expert has observed that the materials don’t last as long as on more premium models, commenting that “the frame is a bit flimsy and the padding deteriorates quickly.” This highlights a trade-off between price and long-term durability, typical of an entry-level trampoline.

However, the total weight capacity of 120kg is less than the 150kg on all of Vuly’s other models, indicating that the Flare isn’t necessarily built to be as robust.


The Flare doesn’t come with an anchor kit. We highly recommend also purchasing the Vuly Trampoline Anchor Kit, which will secure your trampoline to the ground.

Safety Features & Standards

Meeting the Australian Trampoline Standard AS 4989:2015, the Vuly Flare prioritises safety with features like curved safety net poles, springs external to the jumping area, and a superfine mesh safety net. 

Our expert commented that “the mat and the safety netting lock together, protecting everybody from the springs,” and that he thinks the Flare is above-average in terms of safety features. 

Bounce and Performance

With a spring count of 70 and each spring measuring 13.7 cm, the Flare is built to provide a decent bounce. 

Its performance is generally described as satisfactory by users however the lower weight limit indicates that it is designed primarily for children rather than adults. Our expert echoes this sentiment, stating it is “great for small kids”.

Ease of Assembly

The assembly process for the Vuly Flare is fairly straightforward, albeit with some of the instructions possibly not aiding the setup process as much as they could. 

“The frame doesn’t lock together, so you may need a second person just to hold it up until you get the mat attached,” our expert advises. As always, Vuly’s assembly videos are a good place to start with the assembly process.

Value for Money

Priced at $849 at the time of writing, the Vuly Flare positions itself as an entry-level option that balances cost against features and durability. According to our expert, it’s “good if you don’t know if the kids will use a trampoline and don’t want to spend a lot of money.”

Compared to other models, our expert thinks the Flare is “inferior to the Vuly Ultra but compares very well to department store trampolines”.

Additional Features & Accessories

The availability of accessories like a shade cover, tent wall, and basketball hoop, allows parents to customise their trampoline for added enjoyment. However, the need to purchase a ladder separately, as it doesn’t come standard, and the absence of an included anchor kit, might add to the overall cost for families looking for a complete setup from day one.

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Customer Service

Customer service experiences with Vuly vary, with our expert commenting, “I get different opinions from customers; some say the customer service is good, and others say it couldn’t be much worse.” 

Timeliness of delivery, especially around critical periods like Christmas, has been flagged as a potential issue, underscoring the importance of setting realistic expectations when ordering.


The Vuly Flare comes with a 3-year warranty on the frame and springs/mat, and a 1-year warranty on the safety net and pads. This warranty period is somewhat standard for trampolines in this price range, offering a reasonable assurance of quality and support post-purchase.


Our Overall Score7
Build Quality & Materials6
Safety Features & Standards8
Bounce and Performance7
Ease of Assembly8
Value for Money7
Additional Features & Accessories7
Customer Service6

The Vuly Flare trampoline presents itself as a compelling option for families looking for an affordable entry into the world of trampolines without compromising on safety. While it may not boast the durability or premium features of more expensive models, it offers a solid balance between cost, safety, and enjoyment for children. 

The galvanised steel frame and adherence to Australian standards underscore its commitment to safety, even if some materials may not hold up as well over time. The ease of assembly and the range of available accessories further enhance its appeal, although potential buyers should be aware of the additional costs for a complete setup. 

Customer service experiences can vary, and prospective buyers should manage their expectations accordingly. With a price point that reflects its position as an entry-level model, the Vuly Flare is recommended for those uncertain about the extent of their trampoline use or seeking a budget-friendly choice. 

Overall, it’s a decent investment for young families looking to provide their children with outdoor fun, bearing in mind the trade-offs between price and longevity.

Still trying to decide on the right trampoline for your family? Take our Trampoline Quiz.

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