Springfree vs Jumpflex Trampolines: Which is Best for Your Family?

Are you ready to transform your backyard into the ultimate playground with a shiny new trampoline? You’re likely considering two popular contenders: Springfree and Jumpflex. These trampolines are vying for a spot in your garden, but which one will best suit your family’s needs?

In this article, we’ll dive into the nitty-gritty of Springfree and Jumpflex trampolines, comparing everything from safety features to bounce quality. 

By the end, you’ll be armed with all the information you need to make an informed decision that will have the whole family enjoying outdoor fun for years to come.

Safety Features

When it comes to trampolining, safety isn’t just a feature – it’s a necessity. Both Springfree and Jumpflex take safety seriously, but they approach it in different ways. Let’s dive into the details:

Springfree’s safety features:

  • Springless design using flexible fibreglass rods
  • Seamless net-to-mat design
  • Curved safety net poles
  • Superfine mesh
  • Meets Australian Trampoline Standard AS 4989:2015

Jumpflex’s safety features:

  • Traditional springs, safely tucked away
  • Curved safety net poles
  • Superfine mesh
  • Included ladder
  • Meets International standards

Our trampoline assembly expert gives Springfree a 10/10 for safety features, calling it “the safest and longest lasting trampoline in Australian backyards.” He notes that there are “no springs to pinch you and a strong and flexible net to keep everyone safe.”

Jumpflex isn’t far behind with a respectable 8/10, praised for its “nice high net” and included ladder. Our expert likes how the net and mat join together to keep jumpers away from the springs.

Build Quality & Materials

Springfree uses a galvanised, powder-coated steel frame, which our expert considers “the longest-lasting frame on the market.” He also praises the “extra durable net and mat,” noting that generally, no parts need replacing from normal use.

Jumpflex also impresses with its galvanised steel frame and powder-coated finish. Our expert observes that the net, mat and padding are fairly long-lasting and “the frame is adequate and doesn’t rust.”

Both trampolines have some minor issues:

  • Springfree: The zip can eventually break from misuse, and the cosmetic ribbon bordering the mat can wear out in the doorway area.
  • Jumpflex: The Velcro holding the net to the top of the poles deteriorates in the sun and will eventually fail.

Bounce Quality and Performance

Springfree, despite its unconventional design, delivers a bounce that keeps users coming back for more. It supports up to 100 kg at a time, making it versatile for a range of ages and sizes.

JumpFlex, with its traditional spring setup (72 springs, each 12cm long), offers a familiar and well-loved bouncing experience. It has a weight capacity of 150 kg. Users rave about the trampoline’s durability and quality, suggesting it holds up well to repeated use.

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The assembly process can make or break your trampoline experience. Here’s how our contenders stack up:


  • Ease of assembly: 6/10
  • Professional help recommended if possible
  • Online video tutorials available
  • Stickers aid in aligning components correctly


  • Ease of assembly: 8/10
  • Described as “easy assembly” by our expert
  • Includes a handy tool for attaching springs to the mat
  • Replacement parts available directly from JumpFlex

Our expert notes that Springfree assembly can be challenging but adds most people can figure it out themselves by following the instructions, especially with the help of assembly videos online.

The Price Tag

Price is often a deciding factor when choosing a trampoline. Here’s how these models compare:

  • Springfree Medium Round: $1,999 AUD*
  • Jumpflex “Flex”: $749 AUD*

Both trampolines offer free shipping, so there are no hidden costs at checkout.

The Springfree is a significant investment, but our expert calls it the best you can get. The Jumpflex, on the other hand, is dubbed “one of the better entry level trampolines on the market” and “a simple, safe trampoline with all of the safety features of more expensive brands”.

*Prices valid at time of writing


Warranty coverage is an important consideration for any large purchase. Here’s what each trampoline offers:


  • 10-year warranty on frame, springs (fibreglass rods), mat, and safety net


  • 5-year warranty on frame
  • 1-year warranty on springs, mat, safety net, and pads

Springfree clearly offers superior warranty coverage, providing a decade of peace of mind.

Additional Features & Accessories

Both trampolines offer optional accessories to enhance the bouncing experience:

  • Shade cover (both models)
  • Basketball hoop (both models)
  • Anchor kit (both models, sold separately)
  • Wheels (Springfree only)
  • Slide (Jumpflex only)

JumpFlex includes a ladder with the trampoline, while for Springfree, it’s an additional purchase.


After analyzing all aspects, we score both trampolines a solid 8/10 overal. Your choice will likely depend on your specific needs and budget.

Our Overall Score88
Build Quality & Materials98
Safety Features & Standards108
Bounce and Performance88
Ease of Assembly68
Value for Money88
Additional Features & Accessories77
Customer Service78

Choose Springfree if:

  • Safety is your top priority
  • You have a higher budget
  • You want the longest warranty coverage
  • You prefer an innovative, springless design

Choose JumpFlex if:

  • You’re looking for a more budget-friendly option
  • You prefer a traditional spring design
  • You want an easier assembly process
  • You’re after a solid, safe trampoline at a lower price point

Whichever you choose, both trampolines offer a safe and enjoyable bouncing experience that will transform your backyard into a hub of family fun.

Remember to consider factors like available space, the age and number of users, and your long-term plans when making your decision.

Still trying to decide on the right trampoline for your family? Take our Trampoline Quiz.

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