Oz Trampolines vs Vuly: Which is Best for Your Family?

When it comes to buying a trampoline for your kids, there are many factors to consider. You want something safe, durable, and of course, fun.

Two of the most popular brands in Australia are Oz Trampolines and Vuly. Both of these Australian brands manufacture high-quality trampolines, but they have distinct differences. This article will help you understand these differences so you can make the best choice for your family.

In this comparison, we’re looking at the most popular models from each brand, the Vuly Ultra and the Oz Trampolines Summit.

Before diving in, we suggest taking our Trampoline Quiz. This guides you through the key decisions to make when choosing a trampoline and recommends the best options based on your answers.

We also recommend you check out this guide on Vuly’s blog, which outlines the key differences between their models: Choosing a Vuly Trampoline – Which Model Suits You?

Why Trust Us

In this comparison, we combine feedback from real customers with insights from our trampoline assembly expert. He’s assembled many thousands of trampolines all over Melbourne and has extensive experience working with a range of popular trampolines, including many Vuly and Oz Trampolines models. His work assembling, dismantling, and even helping with repairs, provides a unique insight into the various pros and cons of each model.

Assembling the Vuly Ultra

Size and Weight

Let’s start with the basics: size and weight. These numbers are for the Vuly Ultra in size L and the 12-foot Oz Trampolines Summit.

Sure, here’s the table for size and weight:

CategoryVuly UltraOz Trampolines Summit
SizeL12 Foot
Safety Net Height175 cm180 cm
Mat Width323.5 cm317 cm
Frame Width359 cm366 cm
Mat Height91 cm86 cm
Trampoline Height281 cm266 cm
Assembled Weight90.9 kg
Weight Capacity150 kg200 kg
Spring Count7072
Spring Length13.7 cm16.5 cm

These specifications indicate how much space the trampoline will take up in your backyard and how it will fit into your outdoor play area. The weight capacity is important for safety, especially if multiple kids will be using it at the same time.


Both trampolines come packed with features, but there are notable differences.

  • Springs: Neither the Vuly Ultra nor the Oz Trampolines Summit is springless. Both use traditional springs.
  • Superfine Mesh: Both trampolines use superfine mesh for the safety net.
  • Self-Closing Entry: The Vuly Ultra has a self-closing entry, while the Summit does not. However, a tunnel entrance, like the one on the Summit, can prevent the entry from wearing out quickly.
  • Galvanised Steel Frame: Both trampolines have galvanised steel frames for durability.
  • Anchor Kit: The Summit includes an anchor kit, but with the Vuly Ultra, you need to purchase it separately.


The Ultra doesn’t come with an anchor kit. We highly recommend purchasing the Vuly Trampoline Anchor Kit, which will secure your trampoline to the ground.


Both brands meet the Australian Safety Standard AS 4989:2015, ensuring they are built with safety in mind. Vuly also meets the USA’s ASTM standards, which can provide additional peace of mind.

Safety Features to Consider

  • Spring location: The Vuly Ultra springs that are external to the jumping area, while the Summit’s springs are internal.
  • Curved Safety Net Poles: The Vuly Ultra features curved safety net poles, which help prevent users from coming into contact with the poles. The Summit uses traditional straight poles.
  • Pole Padding: Both brands provide padding on their poles to protect users.


Price is often a deciding factor. The Vuly Ultra retails for around $699, while the Oz Trampolines Summit is priced at $999. However, keep in mind that both brands frequently offer discounts and sales.


Warranty is another important factor to consider.

  • Vuly Ultra: 5 years on the frame, 5 years on springs and mat, and 1 year on the safety net and pads.
  • Oz Trampolines Summit: 5 years on the frame, 2 years on springs and mat, and 2 years on the safety net and pads.

Longer Warranty Benefits

A longer warranty can provide peace of mind, ensuring that your investment is protected. The Summit’s 2-year warranty on the safety net and pads can be particularly beneficial, given that these parts are often the first to show wear.

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Our Trampoline Quiz guides you through the key decisions you should make when choosing a trampoline and recommends the best options based on your preferences.

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Both brands offer a range of accessories to enhance your trampoline experience.

  • Vuly Ultra: Offers a shade cover, tent wall, basketball hoop, anchor kit, and more.
  • Oz Trampolines Summit: Offers a shade cover and basketball hoop, with the anchor kit included.

The ability to add a tent wall or shade cover can transform the trampoline into a multi-use play area. Vuly’s range of accessories might make their trampolines more versatile.


Vuly’s shipping costs vary by location, while Oz Trampolines offers free shipping across most of Australia.

Free shipping can be a significant saving, especially if you live in a remote area. It’s worth considering the total cost, including shipping, when comparing prices.

User Reviews

Both trampolines receive positive reviews, but there are some common themes:

  • Vuly Ultra: Praised for its sturdy build and safety features. Some users find the assembly challenging.
  • Oz Trampolines Summit: Appreciated for its high build quality and easy assembly. Some concerns about long-term durability.


Choosing between Oz Trampolines and Vuly depends on your specific needs and preferences. Here are some key takeaways to help you decide:

  • Vuly Ultra: Great for those who want a durable trampoline with advanced safety features like curved safety net poles and a self-closing entry. Slightly lower price but higher shipping costs. Anchor kit to be purchased separately.
  • Oz Trampolines Summit: Ideal for those who prefer a trampoline with a higher weight capacity and free shipping. Includes an anchor kit and offers a slightly taller safety net.

Both brands provide high-quality trampolines that will bring joy to your kids. Consider what features are most important to you and your budget. Whether you choose Vuly or Oz Trampolines, you’re investing in a safe and fun outdoor activity for your family.

Still trying to decide on the right trampoline for your family? Take our Trampoline Quiz.

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